Top 5 Lip Products Under £5.00

Top 5 lip products

I thought I would start to do a bunch of top 5s, sharing the top 5 makeup products within a certain category although the schedule and frequency of the posts yet. Here we look at my favourite lip products that are all under £5, as who doesn’t like to look good on a budget. I feel like all of these have been mentioned before, but here is me declaring my love for them

P.s. Love Matte Long Lasting Lipstick in Whisper

First up is one that initially I had a love hate relationship with loving the colour but often finding it drying. That is the P.S. Love Matte Long Last Lipstick in Whisper, which you can see my full review here it is a muted purple pink and is a great neutral colour with a little bit of a oomph. It works well with a range of makeup looks and as long as you moisturise before and after you will be fine. Available from Primark for £1.00.

mua lipstick in14 bare

Staying in line with neutral we now have the ultimate everyday nude, the Makeup Academy Lipstick in 14 Bare. Rich, creamy and opaque this lipstick is a dream to apply and wear, with only minor touch ups every couple of hours if you wish but due to the nature of the colour and the fact it fades evenly meaning you don’t have to touch up. I also love MUA lipsticks as they have a great formula and a really affordable price point they are great for trying new things out. Available from Superdrug and online for £1.00.

Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob

I’m going to brief with the third one in the list, the Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in 63 East End Snob. I know there’s been a lot of hype and love for this item, and it’s often sold out in stores but it’s such a perfect muted pink colour. It goes with a lot of other lip colours but looks amazing on its own and as a lip liner it lasts all day, you can find my full review for it here. Available from Boots and Superdrug etc. for £3.99.

Rimmel London Lipstick in 08

This next Rimmel one is a total cheat as I am so in love with it I’ve slipped it in as it’s over budget. The Rimmel London Kate Moss Long Lasting Lipstick in 08, is a creamy pink colour which I really struggle to explain. It is my go to colour, no matter what makeup stand I’m at I pick up this kind of shade but this is by far my favourite lipstick I own of this shade type as it’s so smooth and comfortable on the lips. Available from Boots and Superdrug etc. for £5.49.

I am finishing off with The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter, the best tip balm/treatment I have ever used and it is so affordable. I use this twice a day and it keeps dry and cracked lips at bay, also it smells amazing, so if you have dry lips look no further than the body shop. Available from The Body Shop for £4.00.

So those are my top 5 lip products for near enough £5.00, all amazing products which are really affordable. And if you need any more excuses to be enabled and to go shopping, buying and trying everything on this list would cost you £15.48! You’re welcome.

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Day 70: The Body Shop Top 3 Buys

In case you didn’t know I love the Body Shop and a lot of their stuff so I thought I’d do a list of the top 5 things you ought to try out. Now I’m not going to bother naming specific scents in most places as I think scents are very personal and its more the product that’s important.

1) Brushes


So first and fore most the brushes are amazing, I only have the slanted brush in my current collection but have tried a few others. They are soft, smooth and easy to clean they are all synthetic and cruelty free but being from the body shop it doesn’t need to be said. Also you can buy them individually or in sets and make massive savings its up to you really, the sets range from £18.00 to £45.00, check them out here.

2) Body Butters


When you think Body Shop you think Body Butter, they are honestly the most amazing things ever. The pot lasts ages and they come in such amazing scents, my favourite is the passion fruit body butter so rich and creamy and smells amazing. All of them have a slightly different texture in terms of thickness so do take a through look and if you don’t like the texture try another one. They all work hydrate and keep the skin soft and smooth so I highly recommend them. The Body Butters cost £5.00 for 50ml and £13.00 for 200ml, check them out here.

3) Shimmer Cubes


The perfect do it all in one quad, the are insanely pretty. I have the two more neutral ones and they are insanely pigmented and blendable, I love them and am currently weighing up which one to get next. Also the 4 little cubes come out with there own little pots its sso cute and you can just pop the ones you’ve used and might need to top up in your bag when you are out and about. You get a lot of make up for your money but they are £16.00 each which did initially put me off but I ended up buying them in a body shop outlet when the more you spend the cheaper it is. Check them out here.


I love all Body Shop stuff but it can be expensive although it is regularly on offer so unless your desperate wait a bit and you’re bound to find it with money off. So if you only have a limited amount of money or are new to the Body Shop these are the best 3 products to start you off.

What would be your top 3 Body Shop products?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 47: Top 5 Under £5.00

As you all know I love a bargain and I just thought I’d do a posts of my top 5 products that are £5.00 or less.


5)Sleek Shimmer Blush in Suede

Sleek blushes are amazing I cannot get enough of them or MUA blushes but this is by far my favourite everyday colour, it just adds a cute subtle flush but it isn’t in your face. It is would work for most skin tones so would slip right into any make up collection as a perfect go to blush. Available at Superdrug for £4.99.


4) NYC Expert Nail Polish in Lavender Cupcakes

I’m so madly in love with this colour this summer, its so pretty and pastel a perfect subtle summer shade. The colour pay off is amazing that you only really need one or two coats and it lasts ages with no chips. They have a great range of colours, I just think pretty pastels are prefect for this summer season. Available from Superdrug for £2.49.


3) Collection Supersize Mascara in Ultra Black

I cannot even begin to think how many times I have repurchased this mascara but I love it so much. I adds the prefect amount of volume, making your eye lashes look fuller and thicker without clumping or looking unnatural. Collection do a lot of great products so if you are on a tight budget I seriously suggest you check out the Collection counter at your local drug store. Available at Boots and Superdrug for £2.99.


2) Tesco Everday Facial Wipes

I’m aware people are sometimes stick there nose up at face wipes but they are so practical, quick and easy. These I have to say are my favourite there have no fragrance and are fairly wet as I know sometimes cheaper face wipes tend to be fairly dry and no good for taking off make up. Also I have found these are surprisingly good at taking off any sort of make up including water proof make up such as mascaras while still been kind on the skin, I wouldn’t buy anything else now. Available at Tesco for £0.50.


1) Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer

(For Normal Combination Skin)

As if my number one is really a surprise, I know I go on about this all the time but I love it so much. I won’t carry on going on about it but it leaves such a perfect base for my make up and leaves my skin smooth and perfect I don’t know what I’d do without it also it is regularly on offer somewhere or another. Available at Boots and Superdrug for £4.99.

Hope you enjoyed this post and you can discover some amazing products that are purse friendly. So what are your favourite beauty products that cost less than £5.00?

Gwenllian Branwen