What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag?

Travel Makeup

So tomorrow morning I will be getting up stupidly early for a Saturday, hopping in my friend’s car and heading on a girls trip up to Scotland. I will be posting a little travel diary once I’m back as well as a travel toiletries next week, but I thought I would start with the simplest my travel makeup bag.

I just want to start with the bag, which is a personalised bag from Not on The High Street. It’s a hand size that helps me not over pack but still fits plenty in and I love the aesthetic of it.

Travel Makeup - Personalised War Paint Makeup Bag

The focus of the products chosen is products I love, multipurpose and ones that are reliable. It’s always the golden rule for myself when travelling is wherever possible never take a new product, take ones you know that work and you are comfortable using so you have no mishaps when you only have a small collection of products to use.

Travel Makeup Face

For my base for this trip I am using the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24-Hour Matte Foundation in 10 Porcelain, with a high matte long lasting coverage I know I can use this for a day look or for a fuller on night on the town look. Also with the plastic tube is more practical for travel than the glass ones as it won’t break and it’s not bulky. To Finish up my base fully I have my old faithful collection productions in the form of the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 Fair and Collection Primed & Ready Invisible Setting Powder. The final item for my face is the Sleek Face Form Pallet in Fair, an unsurprising favourite just simply due to the fact it is 3 products in one and I can just use it all week with very little fuss.

Travel Makeup Random

For my eyeshadow, I am using two of my smaller go to pallets with every day subtle to dramatics covered in the No 7 Mini Eye Pallet and cute shimmer shades with the Fleur De Force Quad Eyeshadow in 020 Lunar Rose. Although both nude tones I feel as though I have a nice range of colours with these two as well as a range of looks going for the eyeshadow eyeliner look I have everything I need in this compact form. To finish of my eyes I am taking my only newer product as I had no choice using the L’Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara, however I have used it a few times and I am enjoying it. A full review will be sure to come later. To complete my look, I cannot forget the brows and my fast favourite item in my makeup draw the Freedom Duo Brow Powder in Medium Brown could not have been left at home.

Travel Makeup Eyes

I haven’t included lip products or brushes, as I will literally pick lip products as I finish my packing and mix it with whatever currently in my bag, as I have been feeling bold recently and my lip products have been travelling everywhere with me. Still be sure to keep your eyes peeled over on Instagram for photos of my trip and the odd selfie or two.



Whats In My Travel Makeup Bag

Travel Makeup August 2016

As I am currently away for a relaxing week away in Cornwall, and it only seems fitting to share what products I have taken away with me. I feel as though travel makeup posts tells you an individuals tried and tested products, as you never waste precious space on products you are just trying out.

Travel Makeup ft L'oreal Paris, bareminerals, collection

Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer (Decanted) ♥ L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory ♥ Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair ♥ nudebynature Perfecting Concealer in Ivory ♥ Bare Minerals Mineral Veil

travel makeup ft sleek and illamasqua

Illamasqua Powder Blush Duo in Duo 2 ♥ Sleek Face Form Palette

Travel makeup ft no 7, l'oreal & ps love

Urban Decay Primer Potion ♥ PS Love 9 Shade Eyeshadow Pallet ♥ No 7 Mini Eyeshadow Pallet ♥  L’Oréal Paris So Couture Volume Million Lashes ♥ Benefit Gimme Brow in 5

travel makeup ft ysl, rimmel and ps love

Rimmel London Exaggerate Lip Liner in East End Snob ♥ P.S Love Matte Long Lasting Lipstick in Whisper ♥ YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Lush Coconut

So that’s what I am taking with me a mixture of my favourites and perfect travel friendly makeup, I have every base covered. What are your go to makeup products for when your away let me know in the comments?

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Empties #9

empties #9

After having such a huge empties last time where I simply spent most of the time running up to creating the post, thinking this is almost done I’ll wait. Then it just seems to add up as I don’t do it monthly I just wait until I consider I have enough. So here we go again, I’m always going to be obsessed with empties posts as I feel as though people can give the best quality reviews once they’ve finished a product and repurchasability (I’m making up words again) of a product is a definite strong recommendation.

Benefit Roller Lash (sample size): I got this back with Elle in I think February, and I saved it for travelling and finally finished it. I have to say it takes a while to get the technique and if I put the effort to use it right my lashes look absolutely amazing otherwise they just look normal. I have manage to find mascaras that work very similar such as the Primark Curl and Lift Mascara, the Benefit is superior but I’m on a budget and I cannot justify the cost of the mascara. Would I repurchase: maybe, if it was on a good offer.

empties ft superdrug Morrison’s Pure Cotton Wool Pads: I’m not sure what to say, these are decent cotton wool pads especially for a low price point. They don’t break up when taking off nail varnish, the only thing is they aren’t as soft as I would have liked feeling fairly abrasive on the skin when using a cleanser or toner. Would I repurchase: I don’t see why not.

Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Round Pads: These are by far my favourite cotton pads I have ever used, with one padded side which is gentle and good for cleansers etc. While the other side have an exfoliating texture, great for a deeper clean with a toner of micellar water to take off makeup Would I repurchase: yes.

Tesco Everyday Value Facial Wipes: I’ve mentioned these in empties before, my favourite face wipes as they are the best at removing makeup or correcting mistakes yet they are so cheap. I don’t use them for makeup removal that often but recommend having them in your stash just in case. Would I repurchase: Always.

empties ft tesco & morrisons

TRESemme Heat Defence Spray (Travel Size): I did consider refilling this but the spay mechanism is so-so, so I’m more likely to find a new spray bottle and the pour some out from my regular sized bottle. The heat defence spray itself though is amazing and I will never go without it, thus the travel size and it’s great to have a decent sized thing to travel with as it lasts a good while. Would I repurchase: yes, for full size and travel size.

Superdrug Cocoa Brownie for Brunettes Dry Shampoo: Sometimes the white marks with dry shampoo can be really annoying, so I thought I’d buy a dry shampoo aimed at brunettes as I didn’t find colab did anything for me when I tried it. I did actually like this, it didn’t work as well as batiste but it did soak up the grease/oils and refreshed my hair. It is especially useful on days where you need to do your hair 5 minutes before leaving the house as you don’t have to work it in properly. Would I repurchase: possibly.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty (Travel Size): I’m slowly using these up one empties at a time, although at present I am planning to keep the bottles as I think they are so cute and I think I will keep them to display once I get a proper vanity. I never know how to describe the smell of this one it’s just floral and girly, although the official description calls it a ‘Fresh Floral Fragrance’. Would I repurchase: Possibly, a lovely scent but there are definitely ones I prefer.

empties tf primark

Halo Hand Wipes: I brought these for Slam Dunk way back in may for keeping hands clean and hygiene reasons. I then forgot about them for a bit preferring to have anti-bac hand gel in my bag, when I found them I used the remaining ones to clean my hands when apply makeup and tidying everything. They do the job, but tbh for makeup removal and tidying just use a normal facial wipe. Would I repurchase: great for festivals but otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

 Vaseline Derma Beauty Deodorant: I’ve never tried a Vaseline deodorant before but it was on offer and I felt as though I didn’t have anything to lose by trying it. It smells nice and works well, I don’t really feel as though there is much to say about a deodorant past the point of it works well and smells nice. Would I repurchase: probably, I’m not too fussy with deodorant.

Cuticura Primark Exclusive Sparking Fruits Hand Gel: I love non sterile smelling hand gels, I don’t know why but I just prefer it, when I saw this I just couldn’t resist and I’ve liked the previous cuticura hand gels that I have tried before. It smells like a delicious fruit cocktail. Would I repurchase: yes.

Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Acetone Free: I’m super unfussy with nail varnish if it does the job I like it, slight downside of the acetone free one is that it can take that bit longer to remove nail varnish. All in all not bad, not great but not bad. Would I repurchase: I wouldn’t rule it out.

There you go another empties, I’m getting so much more determined to use things up by doing empties posts rather than having several items on the go at once. Although I will try to use stuff up no matter how much I like something as I try to make it work, or pass it on.

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Empties #8

Empties #8

Another empties for you again today, something that I feel as though I am always doing so I like to spread them out and they end up backing up. Saying that I am unsure if I would want to do a monthly empties as I feel as though it might be loads one month and nothing the next. My current method I feel as though works as I make the post when it feels worth it to do so, so let me know what you think monthly empties or when I have a significant amount of empties. This is a long once so brace yourself.

makeup empties

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Light: This was a huge dud for me, not only was it was too dark but the texture was completely wrong for me, making my skin look dried out and barely blending. I was initially put off by the too dark colour but tried it anyway for review purposes, I was so disappointed I never got round to the review. I finally managed to finish it by using it as a eyeshadow primer as its still a better primer that the soap and glory eyeshadow primer and I hate wasting my money.

Would I repurchase this: bottom line, no. There are way better stick concealers out there or even doe foot concealers in the drug store for much less.

Soap and Glory It’s About Prime Eyeshadow Primer: This was another Soap and Glory dud and if you’ve gathered from above it was useless. It barely extended the life of my eyeshadow and worst of all it made primers that didn’t crease previously, crease when using this underneath. Also for the same price you can get a travel sized Urban Decay Primer Potion, and the urban decay travel sized contains more. So spend your money on the urban decay primer potion faultless and it costs the same. I don’t know if the other colour is better as I have the nude champagne colour but I’m not willing to try.

Would I repurchase this: another rather obvious no, opt for urban decay travel size as mentioned above same price for slightly more.

Off topic but am I the only one who Soap and Glory products don’t work for, I haven’t tried the brow products and the bronzer is alright. I think it is an occasion where it is a brand that doesn’t work for me but if it works for you go for it. Still there skin care and bath products are in general really good but I think I won’t bother with the makeup anymore.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer: I’m still not sure who recommended this one to me and it was you I’m so sorry, this is amazing. My favourite primer is still probably my bareMineral primer but this is way more affordable and will be one that I will continue to purchase. A thick cream primer that just sets up your skin nicely and meshs well with other Rimmel Foundations. Personally I find that Rimmel does some of the best foundations within the drug store, does anyone else find this?

Would I repurchase this: most definitely.


Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory: This is a great concealer and a good level of brightening as it is the wake me up formula, it is definitely more of under eye rather than a spot concealer due to the brightening properties but it’s a very good drug store concealer.

Would I repurchase this: yes I already have a second one.

Saiva Med Lip Care: I’ve had this for ages and its started to look a bit off so I’m getting rid of it. It has no scent but is great at treating and hydrating the lips and I’m trying to look out for another one, only problem is my mum picked it up in Lidli so I might have to get looking online.

Would I repurchase this: If I ever find it again yes, great for treating damaged lips.


P.S. Love Egg Shaped Makeup Sponge: This has done me since February/March time I think but it’s got passed its best and it just looks worse for wear every time I attempt to clean it. Although it is fairly firm I really love applying my make up with this it just blends everything so easily and helps me look flawless.

Would I repurchase this: I already have.

skincare empties

Lacura Facial Cleansing Wipes for Normal Skin: These I picked up from Aldi on a whim as I thought tesco had stopped doing their everyday wipes but magically they are back. These were alright as far as wipes go and they were relatively inexpensive although I cannot remember the exact price, less than £1.00 anyway. Generally really good and managed to move most of the makeup. Good for if you want to take makeup off before doing a proper routine later or just to clean up your face part way through the day if it’s a bit grimy.

Would I repurchase: probably, not in a rush to repurchase but I wouldn’t not get them again.

Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish Gel: Most of my skin problems are hormonal, time of the month and all that, so I cannot prevent them and all I really have to do is make an effort to reduce them. This is where this came in handy, in order to reduce spots especially the big ones that seem to magically appear and you think you’d need a miracle to get rid of them. Sure they aren’t magically gone in 12 hours but when does that ever happen. It does however, significantly reduce the amount of time it’s there.

Would I repurchase: Yes, I already have but I always wait until superdrug has a regular offer such as 1/3-1/2 off own brand skincare.


Superdrug Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask: I love sheet masks as they are so simple yet this was a bit of a miss for me, I love there refreshing sheet mask. This semi stung when it tingled and smelt like old talcum powder, yeah so basically not worth it.

Would I repurchase: No way!


The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser and The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner (Travel Sizes/60ml): I am doing these as a pair as I’m only used these as a pair, I have mentioned them in previous posts and I really enjoy them. I am not sure how to describe the scent but it’s very subtle, and they go on so smooth and easily leaving your skin feeling amazing. Also they are highly effective at removing makeup

Would I repurchase: probably.


Simple Kind to Skin + Brightening Eye Makeup Remover Pads: I got these for travelling which you will be able to see in my travel toiletries post here. These are so-so they do a decent job at removing makeup but not perfect, I prefer the Halo eye makeup remover pads. They are good for travel and not a bad buy. Yet with the travel size make up removers and cleansers becoming more common I think I am less likely to buy these sorts of things while travelling.

Would I repurchase: unsure.

deoderant empties

It is somewhat worrying that I have enough deodorants to warrant to move them out of random and move them in to a section of them own. To be honest two of them are miniatures which makes it slightly better.

Sanex Dermo Pro Hydrate Anti-Perspirant Deodorant: I think this was in my last empties too as I brought them on a multi-buy offer, I am not loyal to any one deodorant I just tend to buy what’s on offer. Yeah its alright and does its job there isn’t much to say.

Would I repurchase: yeah why not.


Dove Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant in Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena (Travel Size): Although these travel sized ones aren’t value for money, I find them so irresistible and cute I cannot help buying them. Also in the summer months it’s sometimes nice to keep one in your bag because you know sweat. This is my all-time favourite deodorant scents and I regularly buy the full size version of this.

Would I repurchase: Yes!


Sure Women Long Lasting Protection in Bright (Travel Size): I never normally get sure products but I wanted another miniature and this seemed like the best option. I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and might look to try more sure deodorants in future:

Would I repurchase: Probably.

random empties

Colgate FluriGard Daily Rinse: I love this mouth wash, it really freshens your breath and cleans your mouth. I know most of the time all mouth washes do the same thing and this is on the pricier side of mouth wash but I couldn’t imagine using anything else. It was first recommended to me by my orthodontist when I got my braces when I was 10/11, so yeah I’ve been using this for a good 10 years now I’m not going back now.

Would I repurchase: Definitely.


Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue: I tend to buy primark nails as they are so pretty and tend to be well made, especially for £1-£2.00 per set but the glue is a bit so-so. Therefore I buy this amazing nailene glue, it really does the job and takes ages to dry up so I can take ages between wearing false nails. Highly recommend it for whatever nails you buy and buying this for one set of Primark nails is cheaper than buying an elegant touch set and they look just as good.

Would I repurchase: Definitely.

Quite a healthy mix of empties this time. Have you tried any of these products and if so what did you think of them.

Morrison’s Sensitive Aloe Vera Shave Gel: I’ve gone through a number of these now and I know it has appeared in a few empties, it is a brilliant inexpensive shave gel and leaves my legs soft and smooth. This is a staple in my bathroom cabinet.

Would I repurchase: I always do.


Gillette Satin Care Pure & Delicate Shave Gel: I actually liked having the smaller size for ease of travel, meaning I could keep having soft legs while away as I feel like shave gel makes such a different. I will definitely look a pick up the smaller sizes if I’m going away again it is definitely worth it.

Would I repurchase: yes.


Cussons Carex Complete Strawberry Laces Refreshing Hand Gel: I think I have mentioned it before that I don’t like alcohol smelling gels. This didn’t smell like strawberry laces but it had that synthetic strawberry scent and I really enjoyed it, other than the smell it’s a hand gel and does its job a definate must in my bags.

Would I repurchase: yes but I’m not fused by what my hand gel I have as long as I have one.

Argan Oil Deep Moisturising Foot Pack: I love foot packs but this one left my feet feeling super odd, I think I’ll go back to the peppermint or tea tree foot packs from now on.

Would I repurchase: no.

Phew! That’s everything and it can now all go into my recycling, well everything that is recyclable of courses. Have you tried any of these and what did you think of them.

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Dealing with Anxiety

my anxiety

This is a post I’ve wanted to make for a while but have not always had the confidence to make for a number of reasons. I think sometimes I feel as though anxiety disorders have become somewhat of a trend and everyone seems to have one, or maybe more people are willing to talk about it which is great. I’d also like to state now there is a difference between anxiety disorder and general anxiety, we all suffer from anxiety from time to time, it keeps us on our toes and it’s perfectly human. Meanwhile anxiety disorders can be completely debilitating and can prevent you from doing the things you love. For some there are certain triggers for panic attacks, the unfamiliar, crowded places or public transport, while for others it can hit at random. Often there is nothing you can do it and panic attacks can be scary, some even having similar symptoms to a heart attack, feeling dizzy and faint there is a lot more too them than meets the eye and obviously every ones disorder is different.

I have had underlying symptoms of an anxiety disorder since the age of 5 often struggling with unexpected situations but the disorder really presented itself and its strong hold ages 8 through 10. It sort of happened suddenly and took hold immediately, suffering regular panic attacks from when I woke up at about 7 am right through to lunch time and then they’d start again from about 5pm until I fell asleep. Every day for about 18months. This is where my awful snacking habits came from because for nearly 2 years the only time I could really manage to eat anything would be an hour slot between 3 to 4 in the afternoon and it’s a snack thing that hits me even know. It was completely debilitating and there was nothing that could be done about it, I was trapped in a cycle. I honestly cannot imagine what it was like for my parents. At one point my mum even thought that I might have to be home schooled and worried about me completing my education.

I am lucky I had a supportive family, and a dedicated doctor and school who sought for me to get help initially externally and then internally where I saw councillors not only from the school but had a specialist come in to see me. I am very fortunate that my parents and others chose this type of therapy for me, it took time but I learnt skills that have been useful coping even now and if I was medicated I would still be on them now, medication is often a permanent solution and it is not always as effective. The cause was never fully established but the most important thing was that I was getting better. Studying psychology later in life and finding more about the treatment options I’m glad I had CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), allowing me without realising to shape my own recovery and learn techniques I subconsciously use to help me cope.

I’ve had on off episodes throughout my life and always come out the other end, there is always another end. Nothing lasts forever and you can get better. My current issue is extended periods of time on public transport if I have to do it on my own for example visiting my boyfriend in Cornwall which is something that prompted me to write this post. I felt anxious all the way to the train station, I got on the train and had a huge panic attack but I stayed, I wanted to see my boyfriend so I had to stay on the train. Then we had the whole carry on which just exasperated my problem, if you haven’t see it I have an entire post written on it here. I am not like most people I choose to do the things that make me panic, sure its horrible but if I didn’t do it I’d be worse the time after or just never do it. I want to get the message out that is that YOU CAN DO THIS. I know often hearing it doesn’t help, every time I get on a train and panic my boyfriends texts me saying ‘You’ll be fine, you’ve done it countless times before’. I know it doesn’t always help buy you just have to keep telling yourself to breathe and tell yourself that you can do this nothing will happen. You will panic and it may be horrible, but don’t let it take over your life. I mentioned before my mum worried about me completing my education, well I have not only did I do my GCSE’s and A-levels, this summer I am Graduating with Upper Second Class Honours in Economics BA(hons). I am proof you can get out the other side. You will struggle from time to time, you’re human and natural but there is another side, it will get better. We also all have our setbacks but don’t let them hold you back from what you want to do.

So if you or someone you know suffers let them know there is another side and it will get better. Seek help and talk to others there is no point suffering in silence, therapy works if you have access to it and if not speak to your doctor about counselling. We are lucky with charities like MIND and more people willing to talk about it that many disorders have much less of stigma attached to it and there are way more options now.

Thank you to anyone who has stuck out to read this I know its long but it is something that I have wanted to say for ages but haven’t had the confidence to do so.

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Cross Country Travel

travel cross country

So I’ve been travelling a bit recently and I thought I’d share my train adventures with you guys, I have to say it’s been eventful.

2nd July: Northampton to Plymouth

So I was travelling to Plymouth to visit my boyfriend in Cornwall and have a nice kind of semi holiday, In order to get from where I live near Northampton to Plymouth I go via Birmingham as it takes a similar length of time as going through London but it is way less hassle as in Birmingham you simply swap platforms. Anyway I get on the train in Northampton and next thing I know there is an announcement saying everyone will have to exit the train in Rugby and get on the alternative arrangements due to an incident further up the line (just my luck).

Body on the track, no trains are going direct to Birmingham New Street! Everyone is obviously panicked we all have places to be and connections to make but thankfully I managed to get on a different train fairly quickly that was heading to Birmingham New Street via Stanford and Wolverhampton yeah quite a detour. Luckily the weather was warm but not dreadful like previously. Anyway everyone squished onto this train and hoped to make it to wherever they were heading. We eventually got into Birmingham an hour and a half later than expected and I’d just missed my original train.

birmingham to plymouth

So I had 50 minutes to wait until the next train, so decided to treat myself to a Starbucks in which I got a vanilla latte which hardly and vanilla in it (first world problems). Next thing I know my train to Plymouth was getting more and more delayed, just my luck really, maybe I was never meant to go to Plymouth. I have never being so relieved to get on a train in my life and luckily it was quiet so I was able to get on with some blog writing, with the accompaniment of my itunes.

The train from Birmingham to Plymouth is often a beautiful line taking you through beautiful country side, by areas such as the Malverns and part of the cost. Rolling hills and picturesque villages (that probably aren’t so picturesque due to the train going by them). Unfortunately the weather was poor but I will try and insert some pictures if it does improve. This is sometimes the best thing about the train, you get to see countryside you wouldn’t see if you went by car.


Luckily by the time I’d reached Devon the weather was looking up and I got to enjoy my favourite stretch of cost, between Exeter and Dawlish, a beautiful stretch of railway. Just enjoying the sea and the coastline, I love the seaside and it was a lovely site after so long on the train. There was only one downside, the train was getting later and later with all the problems throughout the day I arrived in Plymouth almost 2 hours later than I initially was meant too. I was just so relieved to see my boyfriend and catch the bus back to his to start a nice relaxing week.


9th July: Bude Day Trip

Neither of us have a car, so travel is limited to public transport luckily from his home town we can get a direct bus to Bude. I haven’t been since I was little about 10/11 when my family went there on holiday and he hadn’t been in a long number of years and with the weather forecast saying it was meant to be warm and sunny we had nothing to lose.

Due to poor organisation we hadn’t realised the buses were so infrequent meaning we didn’t catch the bus over until 1pm, but when you get on the bus you forget about all of it sitting up stair and enjoy all of the beautiful views. I love the Cornish country side and when you finally catch that glimpse of the sea again you can barely contain yourself.

plymouth & bude

We enjoyed a lovely relaxed and touristy day in Bude. Eating pasties, paddling in the sea, walking on the headlands, admiring the view and eating delicious ice cream. It was such a lovely day and it’s nice to do things like this as a couple, something out of the ordinary. It made us think about the future and holidaying together in years to come, its odd how a trip to the seaside really makes you think about the future. All in all it was a perfect day.

The only downside was the bus back, this time a small single decker where a group of teens brought 3 big dogs on. Which although they seemed like nice dogs they climbed all over the seats and the owners had complete disregard for the other passengers. Also I am highly allergic to dogs to by the time we got off I was wheezy and could barely breathe. I think for comfort of all passengers and for the dogs too, dogs shouldn’t be on buses.

After a long day it was nice to be back, eating Chinese and watching the Tour de France highlights. A perfect end to a perfect day.

11th July: Plymouth to Northampton

I had a really early start to the day, catching a bus into Plymouth at 7:25am where you get on the bus and know it’s going to be a long day with the amount of travel I still had to go. I also hate saying goodbye to my boyfriend, with the long distance due to both being home it’s going to be a good month before we see each other again, so we are working hard on finding a job in the same place so we can begin our lives together.

the south coast

Luckily I managed to get a seat, due to 3 days of train strikes no one had managed to get anywhere for 3 days everyone is trying to travel on the same days as well as those who are making day trips. It is simply a nightmare travelling on trains when there’s been disruptions and I highly recommend avoiding it. I’m just glad that once again I managed to grab a window seat and got to enjoy all of the lovely views.

The journey home was fairly uneventful really, a simple change over at Birmingham and back to Northampton. I’m so relieved the train home was uneventful, it was such a long day and all I wanted was to get home and have a nap. Unfortunately I had some bits to do that afternoon and my bed was not coming to be anytime soon.

For now I am back home and with no travelling in sight unfortunately, hopefully I can be back with my boyfriend soon or be back on the road again soon. Any of you travelling somewhere exciting soon.

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What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag.

Whats in my travel makeup bag

So this week I’m down in Cornwall having a mini holiday at my boyfriends house and I thought I’d do one of these as I always think its interesting to see what items from a makeup collections people take with them. This time I have done miles better at keeping it stream line and compact than last year, which you can check out here. My idea when packing my makeup is multiple use products for a variety of looks to cover every occasion, it also helps thinking of what looks I need to cover which is everyday and date night. I’m also opting for the smaller sizes, for example my miniature Benefit Roller Lash is an ideal size.  I also pack in order of how I do my face to make sure I don’t miss anything.

L'oreal, sleek, rimmel and bareminerals

Starting with a base I am taking the sample size of my bareMinerals Prime Time Original Foundation Primer, which is my all time favourite foundation primer and is a silicon based primer it just leaves a perfect base. Then I have a few foundation options first up is my current favourite for a light summer base in the form of my Rimmel London 9-in-1 BB cream in Very Light, light and with spf 25 is perfect for summer. If I want something with more coverage and more traditional I am taking the L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in Rosy Ivory, this is a free sample that L’Oreal were giving away but as I’ve already used and loved this foundation this was perfect for travelling so I have kept this for travel. Then instead of taking my trust collection powder I have chosen my bareMinerals Original Foundation in N10 Fairly Light so I can add a dusting of powder of have another foundation option and cuts down on multiple products. I’m only taking to one concealer as there is no need to take more and I’m taking my current favourite the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory. Like I already mentioned I like to have multiple use, well okay this isn’t a multiple use product per-say but it’s compact with everything you need to do your face so I’m taking my Sleek Face Form Palette in Light. I adore this palette and the blush in this palette is definitely more of a summer blush with a shimmery undertone in it so this is definitely my ultimate summer blush.

benefit, pixi, nyx, urban decay, avon & collection

Moving onto the eye’s, this is definitely an area in which I need to cut back as I seem to want to pack all of my palettes as I am obsessed with eye makeup. I love eye shadow so in order to keep it perfect all day long I’ve packed my Urban Decay Primer Potion, this stuff is amazing you need so little and it lasts all day. This is something in which I buy the travel size as it lasts ages and is the same size and price as the Soap and Glory Equivalent but is so much better I never go a day without it. I have seriously considered taking my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette as I love the pinky neutral shades however, I want to stick to my compact makeup bag so instead I am taking the Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Plum Quartz, for the perfect day or night look and I know it will do everything I need it to. For a more natural matte eye look I am taking my Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Warm Cashmere, a beautiful matte duo which is so handy to have. Finally for my ultimate and effortless lazy item is my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 617 Iced Mocha, just to create a base colour or anything else its a beautiful and effortless colour. To finish it off I just have a black eyeliner in the form of Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil in 01 Black Magic which is one of my favourite eyeliner and for my mascara as mentioned above I have a mini Benefit Roller Lash Mascara a great Mascara and as its small its nice and handy.

ysl, rimmel & body shop

Finally I have the lips and I’ve managed to keep this down to only four items starting with my favourite lip moisturising product the Body Shop Mango Lip Butter super hydrating and it smells amazing. Once again I’m back to my two favourite Rimmel London Products which are beautiful paired together or in their own right the Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Line in 063 East End Snob and Rimmel London Kate Moss Long Lasting Lipstick in 08. The final is for if I want a small touch of colour and a nice sheen with the Yves Saint Laurant Volupte Sheer Candy in 01 Lush Coconut.

Then I’m taking a minimum amount of brushes just to cover all of my bases. At the time of writing I still have finished packing so I may sneak a few more items in but as it stands the bag is half full so I have room to play with. What makeup do you take when you’re travelling, what are your essential items.


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How to Pack Efficiently: for Train Travel

packing efficiently

Over the years I have done a lot of train travel for leisure as although I have been able to drive there has been little point having a car while at university. So armed with my trusty rail card I have taken to the rails (occasionally by coach), and there is definitely a knack to travelling by train so I thought I’d share my packing tips if you are using the train for leisure purposes.

  1. Write a list

As with any time when you have to pack think about what you are doing and write a list or what you know you need. Pack appropriate clothing for the location, time of year and activities you may be doing while you are away and also can you do laundry while you are away as this can help you cut down items. Of course with rail there are no bag limits but whatever size bag you pick you will have to drag/carry it, so keep this in mind.

  1. Pack only what’s on the list

Most importantly once you’ve made your list stick to it, if you keep saying just one more item it will go crazy. Stick to the list no matter what so if you’ve decided 3 tops take only 3 tops just pick items that you can mix and match or is practical.

  1. Keep it compact, you have to drag it

I am definitely one of those who is definitely guilty of packing a huge bag, I have now managed to get 9 days’ work of items within a suitcase which is suitable to use as a carryon bag with planes. That and a decent sized hand bag and I’m all set. It is definitely now more manageable to drag around stations and carry up and down stairs. A carryon bag size is definitely the most suitable if you are in London and may need to tube between stations enough to carry everything but not too heavy to carry or fit on a packed tube.

  1. Think case with wheels

I will always use a case with wheels it makes the whole thing much simpler, I highly recommend one as carry one can just be painful. I have a standard two wheel drag one but the ones which four wheels may be much better as they are more manuverable.

  1. Know you’re route – stair case practical

This is a something I have mentioned before but would just like to reiterate, know your route, and try to gain a rough idea of the stations of where you start and end as well as any connecting stations, can you cope with your bag in these stations? If no look at downsizing your bag or picking a different type of bag. In London you can be up and down vast numbers of stairs if you cannot carry your bag in these situation you may need a different one.

  1. Pack what you need to hand in your carryon bag

As well as your suitcase consider a back pack or handbag and have everything you need within easy reach especially your tickets. In my hand bag I will also keep things like my phone charger and an activity, maybe a book, laptop ect. I also take my makeup in this bag, if you are going to use it on the train than keep it in there.

  1. Keep tickets/rail card on hand

Always keep your tickets and rail card on hand, you will need them at barriers as well as to be checked on the train. I have my compact bag, which I put my little card holder with tickets, rail card and debit card, my phone and then hand sanitiser and keep this at the top of my bag so all my essentials are within easy reach you don’t want to lose anything. This makes you less likely to panic as you know where everything is and its on hand for when you need it.

I hope these tips are helpful if you do travel by train, let me know your tips for travelling by train in the comments below.

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What do you love outside of beauty?

beauty collage

I love the beauty blogging community, everyone is lovely and it is so easy to share a joint passion for beautiful palettes and irresistible lipsticks but we all have more to us. We all have a huge part of our lives and interests that we all share, from pampering to never leaving boots or superdrug without an overfilled basket or even taking our time to get ready for a night out due to all that blending but we all have the other things we love that make us unique. So today I thought I’d share my other interests, and maybe you could share yours, to see a completely different side to so many of us that love the beauty world what else makes us up.

Youtube Channels


Since we never had a TV license at university I got so used to not watching TV that I tended to opt for youtube which has loads of amazing content to suit your moods and tastes. I watch such a variety of channels from gaming/entertainment channels which my boyfriend got me into such as Achievement Hunter to the usual beauty channels like Fleur De Force I can never get bored. Oh as well as the ever fascinating and talented Rob Dyke, who does content such as serial killer files, I have an odd obsession with that sort of stuff as I don’t understand how and individual can do such a thing. We all love Youtube with its amazing content, never change youtube.

Tour De France and Tour Series


I don’t actual cycle myself but I love watching the road races, my parents have been into it for about 10 years while I’ve got into it in the last 3 years or so. Last year I went to go see stage 19 & 20 of the Tour De France last year in France (I did a post on it here), I couldn’t go to it in Yorkshire as I was working as event staff at the British Grand Prix its just so exciting to go to the event. I went to the cycling tour series as well in Peterborough at the start of June which even if you don’t follow cycling is a unique spectical. Also if you go to events as you just stand at the side of the road its all free and you get to see world class athletes. Right now the Tour De France has started again so that’s what I get to spend my days/evenings watching, a glass of wine and some cycling and I’m all set.

Travelling Places


I love seeing new places and soaking up the culture and scenery. I’m not one of those that wants to travel the world on my own but there is loads that I want to see and do, like visit America and New Zealand. Yet I love just going to France emerging myself in the culture or even visiting places in the UK, I’ve seen so much of the UK and its a beautiful country why go somewhere else when there is so much to see and do here. I loved visiting the beautiful Dordonge region in France last year and Glasgow will always have a special place in my heart.

Live Shows


I’ve talked about my love of live music before and just the other month I went to Slam Dunk, since I first saw Green Day in 2005 I haven’t stopped going to stuff since. I’ve made such amazing friends from travelling and seeing gigs all over the country and made some great memories, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Also because my boyfriend and I like the same stuff it makes a super fun and an amazing date night, as long as your out together its kinda a date anyway. A great night out no matter how big or small the venue is.

So what I want to know what do you love outside of the world of beauty? Let me know in the comments because I think it would be interesting to know what other people who share such a passion for make up may also have in common.

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Travel Toiletries

travel toiletries

Summers started and we’re all dreaming of going away, due to interviews and the job hunt I am not going on holiday this summer and am more hoping to go away for a small break in October for mine and my boyfriends 3 year anniversary. However, I am off to Cornwall for a week this year as my boyfriend is from Cornwall so its basically a mini holiday at his house so these are the toiletries item I am taking with me. A small side note due to the fact that I will not need to take shampoo and conditioner as my boyfriends mum always picks up tresemme for me so that saves me room for packing other bits as well as shower gel, anyway here is what is in my toiletries bag.

travel skin care


I know usually you’d think just to take makeup wipes as its a holiday after all but I like to keep up a proper skincare routine if I can as it makes all of the difference. So to keep a little bit of normality I am using The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser and The Body Shop Hydrating Toner, I absolutely love this stuff it smell amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. After these two I obviously need some moisturiser so I’m taking the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser just something gentle but deeply hydrating which is all I need really. Just in case I cannot get all of my makeup off or I need to tidy it up I am taking the Simple Kind to Skin and Brightening Eye Makeup Remover Pads, I am yet to try them but I’m hoping they will be good. Then to finish off my skincare just in case I need it I have the Superdrug Deep Action Anti-Blemish gel, which really works at simply reducing the size of my spots and seeing as its so small its good to just throw into my toiletries bag.

Then I have just some single use items in case I need some additional TLC, first up is the Superdrug Deep Action Pore-Cleansing Nose Strips because I get loads of blackheads on my nose and although these don’t always work they are great when they do.  Also my new favourite items more because they feel amazing rather than if they do anything, the Botanical Choice Eye Puffiness Minimising Patches Ginkgo so if I get tired I can just feel like I’m doing something about it. Although I rarely end up using it I often like to take a face mask and to keep it mess free I am taking the Superdrug Deep Cleansing Facial Sheet Mask, seeing as though it is so compact there is no harm in taking it with me.

travel hair products


As well as my trusty Tangle Teezer, which I have popped in half to store hair ties and bobby pins I only have three hair products. First up is my trust TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray, I will be taking my straighteners with me so this is vital and is absolutely amazing. Then  to keep my hair silky smooth and hopefully damage free I am using the Dove Anti-Frizz Serum. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling great. The final item is Batiste Orginal Dry Shampoo, just in case my hair needs a quick refresher or I want to create a voluminous style it is basically a great all rounder.

bits and bobs


I hate lugging about a clunky deodorant bottle so I’m choosing this year to splurge on the travel sized items and I brought my favourite deodorant, the Dove Go Fresh Deodorant in Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena. Smelling fresh and amazing, my boyfriend loves this scent and always steals it when I have it. Just in case this runs out I am taking a mini Women Sure Antiperspirant in the Bright Fragrance, this is purely as I couldn’t find another Dove one but Sure is a reliable brand. I don’t want to lug around a huge fragrence so I am going to take my miniature Elizabeth Arden Sunflower Perfume, a perfect travel size and a beautiful summer scent I will definitely get my use out of it.

So that is what I am taking with me on my trip to Cornwall, I think it covers everything I need without being excessive. What are your travelling toiletry essentials? Do you opt for minis, decanting or take the full size?

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