Going Away

I'm going on holiday

Hi guys,

So for the next week or so I will be down in Cornwall visiting my boyfriend and generally having a good time, seeing as I’m going to be having a good time I thought I’d do something for you guys. I will be having daily posts while I’m away, some travel related while some are a little bit different and I just thought it would be a little bit fun.

So various posts coming up this week include travel toiletries and makeup, preping for holiday and even how I write blog posts and they should be coming up regularly although in keeping in with my Tuesday and Friday Schedule some posts will come in a bunch while others will not. So I appologise in advance for that. I will try and get regularly to reply to any comment ect. so anyway I hope you all have a great weekend/week.

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Impromptu Mini Haul

mini haul

So I popped down the road to pick up something for my parents for my sisters birthday from the shopping centre which is half outlet shops, half regular shops and as always I could not resist buying  a few pieces.

superdrug face mask & colab dry shampoo


Superdrug Purifying Cucumber Peel-Off Mask: I’m completely out of face masks and I just thought I’d pick up a few of the sachet ones as they were 3 for 2. I love peel of masks as my face always feels so clean afterwards and I picked cucumber as I wanted it to be fresh feeling afterwards. Available from Superdrug for £0.99.

Superdrug Tropical Cocktail Peel-Off Mask: Another peel off mask but this time its a fruity variety but its absolutely lovely. I think this is definitely more of multi-tasking mask rather than a relaxing type day as its more zesty but great for a little bit of TLC regardless. Available from Superdrug for £0.99.

Superdrug Yoghurt Smoothie Mask: This is my perfect pamper treat it a lovely hot deep bath, a couple of youtube videos and it is pretty much a perfect night in. I’m really looking forward using this at the weekend after my final coursework deadline. Available from Superdrug for £0.99.

Mini Colab Dry Shampoo in New York: This was actually something I needed and I’ve been curious about the colab range but thought I’d pick up a mini just in case I don’t like it. Also it lasts me ages even just a mini because I use it so infrequently but I excited to try a clear dry shampoo. Let me know what you think of the colab dry shampoos if you have tried them before and what you think off them.

The Body Shop Minatures

The Body Shop Outlet

Yes I have a body shop outlet a 10 minute walk away from my student house and I absolutely love that fact. In body shop outlets they tend to have most of the usual range as well as some discontinued stuff and just a general array, the best thing about it is all the miniatures (you’ll see some of them below) so when I book my holiday I’m going to stock up on a few simply because they smell delicious. Anyway how the outlet body shop works is some stuff is normal priced while other bits are reduced but the big discounts are from making multi-buys. Save 30% when you buy two, save 35% what you buy 3 and save 40% when you buy 4 or more so if you pop in to buy one thing you’re better to pick up another little something that’s cheap then you make major savings. Anyway on to my mini haul.

The Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream: This was a repurchase as I’m running out of the one that lives in my bag. This is the smaller size as even though the massive one is better value for money this is a much better hand bag size which is when I tend to use it out and about on the go. Also this smells absolutely amazing, it reminds me of bake well tart so absolutely delicious. I am aware they now have hand cream in all the favours which have the same silky feel put I prefer the more subtle comforting smell of the almond one and I think I will continue using it for years to come. Available from The Body Shop for £5.00.

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter for Dry Hair: So this is essentially a hair mask which smells divine and I am so excited to give it a go at some point. Once again I have gone for the smaller 50ml pot which will at least last two washes and with the 40% of was only £1.80 anyway so what you’d pay for a sachet hair mask anyway. The reviews seem mixed so I’m highly interested to find out more about it. Available from The Body Shop for £3.00.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner and Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (60ml): Two more travel sized options but I have loved these when I’ve used these in the past and with trips in the summer and travelling for job interviews I thought it would be a great idea to pick up some miniatures so my skin care routine doesn’t have to suffer when I’m away. Available from The Body Shop for £3.50 each.

As I brought 4 items I managed to save 40% this costing me only £9.00 instead of £15.00.

So what little bits have you picked up recently? Have you picked up any bargains recently?


Gwenllian Branwen


Playing Tourists

So this weekend is mine and my boyfriends anniversary weekend so yesterday we went to London and play tourists for once, ass living so close its not something we tend to do. However while his playing xbox right now I’m recovering from a serious cold in bed.

Views from the London Eye

We wanted to do something seriously touristy and we both fancied going back on the london eye as neither of us have done it in like 10 years so we thought it’d be nice to do.

DSCF4192 DSCF4193 DSCF4194 DSCF4196 DSCF4197 DSCF4199 DSCF4201

Tower of London

This was on my must see list especially due to the poppies for remembering all the british soldiers that died in the first world war, it was amazing to see and it really dawns on you how many people sacrificed themselves.

DSCF4202 DSCF4205 DSCF4208 DSCF4209 DSCF4210

So there’s a few snap shots of our day it was really fun and just nice to see London in a different light considering we are so back and forth yet never take the time out to appreciate and see the amazing site the city has to offer.

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 100: 100 Days of Blogging


I never thought that I’d make it to this point when I came up with the idea on my last few days of living in my second year shared house with the intention to blog  everyday throughout summer. Now I’m 100 days in 110 posts in all, its just crazy I’ve loved the experience and will be carrying on upon restarting university, the only difference being I will stop numbering the days and I might not post daily and will aim for posting at least twice a week.

So with 100 days in and 17 days let to go I’m going to do a look back and pick out a few blogs of what I’ve covered over the past 100 days, or you can go right bag to the start and check out my first ever post here.

Reviews: Whats a beauty blog without reviews, initially when I started I never knew what to say to describe a product then again maybe I shouldn’t of started with reviewing Barry M’s Cor Balmy, lip balms are hard to review. Now I’m finding it much easier to go with the flow just say what I thought and even conducted full on Brand Reviews (including MUA and TRESemme) which although are great and highly informative take a long time to compose but I won’t stop doing them. Plus it gives me an excuse to buy more things.

Travel: I was going to blog more on my travels however, with patchy internet it wasn’t the case and I failed that aim, only managing a handful including my two days seeing the Tour de France and holiday snaps from France. Instead you got to see countless packing posts and travel make up bags where I endlessly failed to pack lightly. Also under this I did a few bits of travel advice writing including how to pack lightly and tips for rail travel.

Fashion: Earlier in the summer I ran a series of fashion Summer Staples including Maxi Dresses and Kimonos, finding them online for all your summer needs. As well as this I posted summer date outfits all of which were on a budget of under £40 for an entire outfit which you should check out here.

TAGS: The fun and fail safe option for when you want or need to make a post but are running low on ideas. The TAGs I have undertaken over the past 100 days include: Would You Rather (Beauty Edition)Colours of the RainbowSummer Lovin; Drugstore Favourites and Get to Know Me.

There’s loads more sections but here’s a few you may of missed here’s to a long and great time blogging.

sign off

Day 86: Bag Essentials

Continuing with my back to school idea I thought I’d do a mini post on bag essentials, those go to items or essentials that should be in your bag for every occasion/situation. This will be more of a school/collage/university orientated post.


♥ Bird Bottle: Paperchase £6.00 ♥ Hand Gel (Grapefruit): The Body Shop £2.50 ♥ Baby Lips Lip Balm: Superdrug £2.99 ♥ Nurofen: £2.09 from all pharmacies and supermarkets ♥ Bobby Pins: Amazon £2.29 for 250 ♥ Cath Kidson Compact: John Lewis £8.00 ♥ Hello Kitty Tissues: Tesco £1.30 ♥ Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Summer Bloom: The Perfume Shop £9.99 ♥ JVC Gummy Headphones: Argos £7.99 ♥ Wrigley Extra Gum: Everywhere ♥

Refillable Bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated and by taking your own bottle you save on forking out for expensive bottled drinks, just refill it in the morning with whatever you want and enjoy for the rest of the day. In the winter months why not take a flask with coffee in.

Hand Gel: For those times when you want clean hands but aren’t near the bathroom so whenever you want to eat or you’ve touched something you rather not hand gel is ideal to have in your bag. They are everywhere these days in a variety of scents I just think the body shop ones smell amazing and work really well. I especially love these when I’m travelling or have popped into London for the day.

Lip Balm: There are loads of great lip balms on the market at the moment from Barry M’s Cor Balmy to Maybelline Baby lips, so you can pick a scent, colour and texture you prefer. Keep your lips perfect, especially in the colder months when your lips are more likely to get chapped.

Painkillers: You’ll always need them when you don’t have them. Headache, tooth ache, women problems no matter what they’ll be in your bag when you need them.

Bobby Pins: Fix a bad hair day or numerous problems with a simple bobby pin, essentially a girls best friend . . . if only we knew where they all went?

Compact Mirror: Check your looking okay on the go and say goodbye to been paranoid. If you take your make up with you this may not be essential if one of your make up compacts already includes one.

Perfume: Keep yourself smelling fresh after PE (if your at school), or in general throughout the day and pop a perfume in your bag either a body spray, roll on perfume or decanter some of your favourite perfume out.

Headphones: Escape the world for some much needing down time, always pack your headphones.

Gum/Mints: With loads of yummy foods that make you have bad breath having gum in your bag is always a must. I prefer the tubs as they last longer and are way easier to find in your bag.

What are your hand bag essentials?


Gwenllian Branwen


This is a scheduled post, all information and links were correct at the time of composing.

Day 68: Tips for Rail Travel

This summer and in general I catch the train a lot as I’m learning to drive and when I do pass, I won’t be getting a car simply due to the cost. So I thought I’d give you my tips and hints for rail travel.

1) Buy a rail card: if there is one applicable to you buy one as most cards give you a third off your ticket prices and well worth it, even if you just make small occasional journey or even one big one you will make that money back in no time. You can also shop around for the best deal I got a 5 year rail card free when I switched to a student account so its well worth looking around to see what deals you can get.

2) Book in advance: Rail travel is at its cheapest 12 weeks before you are due to travel so as soon as you know you are travelling book especially if its a long journey, the more last minute the more expensive it is.

3) Avoid rush hour where possible: avoid peak train times if you can as well as being more expensive its cramped, loud and uncomfortable. If you can avoid it to have a more pleasant stress free journey.

4) Use a app: Not only are they great to find great deals but you can keep yourself updated, checking platforms for connections or seeing if there are delays plus most of them are free like national rail and the train line.

5) Look around for the best deal: sometimes a straight booking and returns may seem like a good deal but shop around, sometimes it can be cheaper to split ticket or buying to singles. National rail will tell you the difference between a return and buying two singles, so some of the leg work will be cut out but its well worth doing.

6) Types of ticket, Anytime Vs. Advance: Think about what you need and what suits your needs, Advance tickets are cheaper though you are restricted to set trains while Anytime allow you to be more flexible. Think about your plans and which suits your needs better, also if you miss a connection due to a late train you get a refund for faults due to train and on some delayed trains you can get some if not all of your money back.

7) Upgrade at the station: First class tickets cost so much more but sometimes you can upgrade from standard to first class at the station and it is often cheaper to do this then buy first class in the first place. Also first class isn’t necessarily worth the extra cost except maybe on longer journeys but bare in mind that it is possible to upgrade.

8) Have your stuff organised: Keep your tickets in an easy to reach location so you don’t have to fuss about to find them when you want to get through the barrier or your tickets get inspected.

9) Keep your valuables and luggage in sight: I love the idea of the luggage racks but I sit near them, so make sure your luggage is safe and secure.

10) Take your own food/drink: Food on the train and at the stations are so expensive so take your own, take a few snacks and a bottle of water for shorter journeys. Think about how long you’ll be travelling for and if you are travelling over a usual meal time take it into account and pack accordingly.

So those are my best tips for travelling by rail. Just enjoy it take in the views and relax or take some time out to do something fully enjoy the experience. What are your top tips for travelling by train?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 67: France Holiday Snaps

So as you know I got back from France on Sunday and I have now been at my boyfriends for a few days. So today I thought I’d put up a few of my holiday snaps that are on my phone as I’ve misplaced my camera since getting back.


The amazing clouds before the storm before going on the euro tunnel.


My beautiful room for the two weeks.


Our gite.


Windmill at Domme.




View from Domme of the valley.


The view from our terrace.


Roque Gagnac


Beynac Castle





The variable weather of stage 19 Tour de France.


Hope you like the mini selection, where are you holidaying this year?
Gwenllian Branwen


Day 62: How To Pack Lightly.

With all the travelling I’m doing this summer packing lightly is absolutely key, so here are some of my hints on how to pack lightly for your travels this summer.

1)      Plan ahead: Instead of taking clothing suitable for every conceivable situation, know what you are planning to do and pack accordingly. If you know you won’t wear it or there is only a slim possibility don’t pack it.

2)      Make a list: Research what you need to take for where you are visiting and draw up a list or essential toiletries, clothes, documents ect, then only pack what is on your list. If it is not on the list it is not coming with you.

3)      Pack multipurpose products: Pack things that can be used in multiple ways, for example general moisturiser can be used as after sun so do you really need both? Do you need multiple charging cables when you only have one adapter and they all use the same things? Just think if you are packing products that are essentially doing the same thing and cut down on doubles and things you don’t really need.

4)      Create mix and match outfits: Don’t pack outfits for each occasion create a capsule suitcase where everything can work together, or at least most things can mix and match to create different looks and outfits. Packing a nice kimono can dress up any outfit so don’t bother taking a whole evening outfit if it’s not definite you’re going somewhere nice as its wasted space. Jeans, black skirts and plain tops can be dressed up or down so make them holiday staples when packing.

5)      If you don’t normally wear it don’t take it: If it’s not something you normally wear there is no way you are going to wear it on holiday, if you wouldn’t normally wear a geometric print cami then you won’t wear it on holiday. With the exception of the cute sun dress that you haven’t warn because its pissed it down all summer as this is the UK after all.

What rules do you have for packing? Are you and under or over packer?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 52: Combining My Passions

“You could call me a rolling stone because I’m always on the road, every night I wonder if you’re there alone” The Audition

“With a little less than an hours sleep, we’re back on our feet, we still couldn’t want this more” City Stereo

So it’s day 3 or combining my passions and today I’m going to talk about combing both of my passions music and travel. Both have always gone together hand in hand really . . .

I am lucky to have my best friend Chloe, with her we have travelled many miles, countless hours and friends. I could simply list all of the places but I am going to tell you about our favourite trip.

Glasgow April 2012

Normally our road trips take months of planning, buying clothes planning routes and then in the end all we are really doing is driving up the motorway an hour to Birmingham or something, 2012 was our year of travelling going all over the country to see band, the previous month having travelled to Manchester to see Yashin for my 18th. This on the other hand was a complete spur of the moment trip.

It all started when I saw our fellow Yashin fans who we’d met at other shows and since become great friends talking about and arranging last minute details to see Yashin on the Jager tour in Glasgow as they were only doing that date and the tickets were £5.00 to see 4 amazing bands. I was set in the year 13 section of the sixth form centre attempting to do Chemistry work while counting down the last few days until the Easter Holidays and I just thought why not go too? So I text Chloe so over enthusiastic in my idea, and next thing you know she’s online looking at the tickets. You’d think been older she’d just tell me to calm down and it is a stupid idea but I went over to hers at the end of the day and we were booking our coach and getting advice from friends on where to stay.  10 days later we were on a national express coach to Glasgow.

It took 2 coaches and 9 hours to get there but it was all worth it, we were met at Bauchan Coach Station by our two friends Deb and Sarah and all walked back to our hostel together where amazingly our room was literally 2 doors down from there’s in the hotel.

That night we explored a bit of Glasgow and located the venue for the next day all getting stupidly excited.

That night was when me and Chloe discovered we really were country bumpkins, and all the traffic and city noises kept us awake all night, that and the fact we didn’t realise getting a twin room would mean bunk beds so we were essentially attempting to both sleep on the bottom bunk. So we stayed away the entire night and at about 6am popped along to the tesco express round the corner for some breakfast and supplies.

We spent that day exploring more of Glasgow and gig prep before heading along to the venue for the really early doors. It was such an amazing night and we got to see some bands that we wouldn’t normally. We left a little bit early from the final band of the night Skindred, as I had seen them several times before and the others weren’t that interested to get ready for the after party at the Cathouse, an alternative club in Glasgow that we had wanted to go to for ages.

We had an amazing night and drank way too much because unfortunately for us, Glasgow is cheap to drink in. However, after another night of little sleep and drinking getting the coach home at 8:30am was painful and tiring but we made it.

It was over way too soon and I can’t even begin to say how much I loved the city and how much I want to go back but one day I will. Here is a little gallery of our adventure:

Where do you like to travel to or where would you like to do? Are you a city slicker or a country bumpkin?

Gwenllian Branwen

Day 41: Travel Beauty (Long Weekend)


So once again I’m away for the weekend, and because I’m not taking much make up to France next week and we’ll be taking a mismash of hotel toiletries so this will be the last post for a few weeks where I am going to do travel make up and beauty. So every thing make up and toiletry stuff fits into these 3 small bags, I have amazing packing skills.


First up the small Ellen Tracy which has a matching larger bag, which I will use for my longer travels which you will see later on. It was initially just meant to have my toothbrush and toothpaste but now holds my primer in there too. The tooth brush is just a cheap bog standard £1.00 one as you don’t need anything special for travel really, then I have a travel sized tube of Colgate Sensitive Prorelief a perfect sized small tube that I couldn’t live without. My primer I have talked about loads before I am just so in love with it, its Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer and of course where ever I go it goes.


Next up my bag of toiletries all of which are pretty explanatory but include:

  • A highly important products Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner travel sized, I could probably last a weekend without washing my hair but we are going swimming so these are a must.
  • Mark Hill De-Frizz Shine Protect and Control Spray, I have really fallen in love with this product I brought in a pound shop and didn’t think much of it but it’s an amazing hair spray long lasting but doesn’t leave your hair crisp and easily brushes out. Also it smells amazing and is an ideal travel product especially with the plastic packaging that you don’t need to worry about.
  • Another essential is my travel sized Nivea Invisible Antiperspirant I really do not like the smell of this but its such a convenient size for a weekend away helping keeping everything nice and compact.
  • I then have two body washes first of all I have Ted Baker London Bodywear Body Wash there is only about one wash left in this so I had to bring a back up. The other is a simple cheap fill your own travel bottle filled with Sanex Sensitive from one of the big bottles and it is my favourite shower gel of all time.
  • Finally in this bag is Halo Make Up Remover Pads, I wanted to keep packing light and these will take my make up just fine for the next few days although I’m not sure if my skin will be happy with it.


And then here is my compact make up bag, I know its not that compact but I need day time looks and we’re going out to dinner for our anniversary so I’m taking a versatile palette and lip colours to change for day to night.

  • First up as for brushes I am taking: a kabuki brush; eyeshadow brush (Ruby & Millie); Slanted brush (body shop); blush brush (cosmopoliton) & eyeshadow brush.
  • Face: NYC all day long foundation in shade 737 Classic Ivory; MUA Pressed Powder in shade 1; Sleek Face Form palette in light; MUA Single Blusher in Lolly; Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer in Naked.
  • Eyes: MUA Heaven & Earth eyeshadow palette; MUA Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tint in Stay; Collection Intense Colour Kohl Pencil in shade 01 Black Magic and Maxfactor False Lash Effect in Black Brown.
  • Lips: MUA Lipstick in shade 14 Bare; MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility; Rimmel London Apocalips in shade 102 Nova.

Some of these are old basics and some are new stuff that are new and I can’t wait to play with or am really loving like my heaven and earth palette and false lash effect mascara.


Finally I just have 3 loose bits that will just go in my Handbag. First up is my travel sized Elizabeth Adren Pretty Perfume its such a perfect summery scent I’m loving it at the moment. Then I have an essential for everyone travelling antibacterial hand gel, this Cuticura Hand Gel in Passion Flower and Mango smells amazing so hand gel doesn’t have to smell sterile. And finally my favourite, yet sadly discontinued, Body Shop scent in a lovely hand lotion is my Body Shop Love Ect Body Lotion in travel sized so is perfect to take anywhere.

What are your essentials when going away for a weekend? Do you like minitures like me or do you take the big ones?

Gwenllian Branwen