Sorry for the Quiet


Hi guys sorry for the quiet lately on the blog front, I’ve just had so many deadlines which are on going so I haven’t had that much time to fit in blogging as I want to produce the best possible posts I can. So my next post should be up on Tuesday at the normal time of 17:00 GMT and I’m hoping I can get myself somewhat back on track.

Saying that I’m coming up to the end of my time at University so its all the big deadlines and exams coming up so although I have all the intentions of keeping up with my blog up until the end of May I may be a bit sparadic. However, I am on twitter here, so you can keep up with what I’m up too or simply chat follow me and I am always happy to follow back. So once again sorry for being quite, and I’ll see you again on Tuesday with a little review.

Lots of Love

Gwenllian Branwen


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